Robert J. Roy

Robert J. Roy

Professional Trader, Trading Coach, Speaker, and Mentor

Professional Trader, Trading Coach, Speaker, and Mentor


Early Life

When Robert J. Roy grew up in New York City, specifically in Queens. He was raised by a single mom and things were not always easy. Actually, they were quite tough.

They were especially tough when it came to money. There just wasn’t enough of it to go around, particularly for a single mother who is trying to raise a family.

But worse than the actual lack of money – and that was a real problem a lot of the time – was the demonization of money. Since the family didn’t have it, the idea of money was villainized.

The idea of ever having money was laughed at. Those who had money were often seen as the bad guy. Robert J. Roy often heard sayings like, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Or “It takes money to make money and we don’t have any money.”

But Robert wasn’t like the others in his family. He could see that opportunity existed and he was determined to find it. It wasn’t long before he would learn how to trade the market.


His Approach to Work

Robert’s approach to meeting the financial needs of his family was simple: Work hard … as long and hard as it takes. So, he dug in, worked harder than anyone else and eventually found success. Robert was the manager of a manufacturing plant. There were always quotas to meet and problems to solve.

Because of his work ethic and his insatiable desire to succeed, Robert poured most of his effort into making the plant run at the highest level. He was able to negotiate personnel issues, solve supply chain issues and reach – and succeed – the expectations. He had reached the success that he had always craved.

But there was high price to pay. The heavy work load and stress took a toll on his health; he was on the verge of having a heart attack because of the demands. And Robert hardly ever saw his wife and two daughters and was in danger of losing his family. His weary wife gave him an ultimatum to make a choice.

That’s when his life changed, thanks to a coworker...


Discovering the stock market

One day at work, Robert J. Roy had one of his favorite employees come by his office with some news. He was quitting his job at the plant to move on. Robert was stunned – and disappointed – because this man was one of his most dependable workers.

Robert did everything he could do to encourage the man to stay on, but it was to no avail. Robert finally accepted the man’s resignation, but not before asking where he was going to work. The news stunned him. This fellow wasn’t moving to another plant, he was leaving to become a full-time stock market trader.

Robert couldn’t believe this. The man was a great worker, but hardly seemed like the sort of person who could make a living in the market. After a few questions, Robert learned that the man had taken a stock market class, had learned to trade the market and had begun to trade. Before long he was doing pretty well – well enough to quit his fulltime job and trade the market as his sole source of income.

It wasn’t long before Robert heard a radio advertisement for a class to learn how to trade the stock market or stock market basics. (This was the same course that his former employee had taken.) Robert signed up and immediately saw the promise that the stock market held. He saw the market as a way to make money, support his family and lower his stress level.

While he was learning the art of trading, Robert met a man named Vasken, who would become his mentor. Vasken spent countless hours with Robert, answering questions and helping him learn the smarter, safer ways to trade. Robert was passionately committed to excellence and was soon able to leave his job and become a full-time trader. Two years later, in 1999, Robert J. Roy was asked to join the faculty of the education company. Because of his drive and intensity to learn the market, he had gone from student to teacher in about 24 months. Now it was his turn to help others learn how to trade and reach their own personal financial goals.

Robert J. Roy began to painstakingly create his own step-by-step system based on the needs of his students. These steps helped them master the learning curve and avoid many of pitfalls that are out there, traps that can derail an untrained, novice trader. Rob had developed a system to help students learn the power that comes with learning how to trade short-term options.

Robert has gone on to develop classes and products to teach students the basics and advanced features of trading the market. From his introductory classes to his propriety work with Fibonacci analysis and the creation of a tool he calls a “fibot,” Robert is always looking for a way to add value and help his students reach their goals.

Teaching others to embrace freedom has been his lifelong mission. He said, “Knowing that I have in some way contributed to my students’ financial liberation and the well-being of their loved ones fills me with pride, purpose, and passion.”

Robert J. Roy has taught these stock market basics of learning to trade the stock market to students from all walks of life, including college kids, single moms and dads, retirees, and disabled folks who are finally able to regain a sense of freedom. He will never forget his roots and will always strive to help students learn to be the best.


As traders and generational wealth-builders, we think differently about our financial futures – we believe the markets can offer a better way forward, with the right tools and training. We are independent thinkers, analytical by nature, relentlessly studying and trading the markets to create a life on our own terms. The uneducated may call us gamblers – but we know who we are. We are Wealth Builders. — If this resonates with you, get a shirt and join the movement.


To help aspiring students learn the best ways to trade the stock market, Robert J. Roy has made several free resources available. These are available to anyone who wants to boost their stock market trading education and learn the best practices and strategies needed to reach their personal financial goals. Register for one – or all – of these free classes.

Learn how to become a trader in 30 days – no matter your level of experience with little needed to get started.

Expert analysis of the S&P 500, market movers you must know, and a review of your stock picks, live every Monday at 12PM EST.

Receiver 2-3 trading opportunities each week that have been vetted by Robert. It’s a good way to let the winning trade ideas come to you!


The Stock Market Millionaire


If you desire a brighter financial future, this is the right podcast for you! Join Robert J. Roy as he teaches the strategies, techniques and ideas that will help you propel you forward and help you reach your personal financial goals. Much of the world throws money into their retirement accounts, hoping to receive an average return. Our students believe you can do better. This podcast can help you learn how you can get there. The podcast is free and is available at Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.



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